When will NYSC resume Camp-2020?

When will NYSC resume Camp

When will NYSC resume Camp-The NYSC Management as of 18th, March 2020 suspended the on-going NYSC orientation camp exercise. This effect was back from the Federal Government-Nigeria. Meanwhile, this was due to the recent world outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, popularly known as Chinese Virus-COVID’19. Moreover, this also led to the postponement of the already planned National Sports Festival. 

Part of the measure to contain the spread of the virus, the National Youth Service Corps had to suspend the on-going orientation camp exercise for the NYSC BATCH “A” 2020 Steam 1 Corps Members. Meanwhile, the slated three weeks NYSC orientation camp course had to be closed down before the rounding up. However, Corps members who were already in the camp were told to pend the orientation camp and to commence their PPA- Place of Primary Assignment

Although, Corps members will receive their Transport allowance (N1,800), Local Transport allowance(N1,000) and the NYSC allowance(N33,000). These allowances will be given to Corps members before leaving the camp despite the suspension. 

When will NYSC resume Camp-2020?

Moreover, the Management also stated that they will be invited back to the Orientation camp when the situation improves. So for those asking when will NYSC RESUME CAMP?. Well, No Date decided yet, we just need to pray and hope that the world is able to contain the virus. However, this information will be updated when necessary. 

In addition, the NYSC DIRECTOR GENERAL urges good hygiene among Corps members. Stating that, as at this very moment, no corps Member or Camp Official has contracted the virus. 

No Date has been announced as to when NYSC will resume camp. So, it’s expected to practice good hygiene among yourselves. However, it’s expected that you Report any suspected case symptoms of the virus-COVID’19 to any nearby Hospital as quickly as possible. 

Thank you.


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