Three(3) Questions to Expect in a Job Interview- Interview Tips

Job Interview Questions

Interview Tips

Job Interview Questions: So most times, we go for an interview and prepare with whatever we must have gotten from the internet to help us prepare for the questions to be asked in the interview. Here are some important interview tips to get you prepared for an interview.

There are three most important interview questions;

  1. Can you do the job? (Your skills, experience, knowledge)
  2. will you do the job? (Your attitude to work) 
  3. Do you fit into our organization?

Job Interview Questions 

1.  Can you do the job? (Your skills, experience, knowledge)

Employers have gone through your CV and as a matter of fact, looking through the CVs of many others.

Why they called for an interview in the first place is because they are looking for who can do the job. So, the most important thing in their mind is “can this person do the job”.

This is where you get the chance to demonstrate what you have done in the past (your experience and your skills).

  • Your skills
  • Your experience over the past
  • The knowledge of the job role

Most times, employers will not directly ask you these questions because they know you want the job. 

So they expect you to prove it. i.e; if you applying for the role of customer care, one of the qualities of customer care is to polite to customers always. Therefore, they may want to test you by giving a harsh compliment about your dressing, and your reaction or response will determine if you may get hired or not.

2. Will you do the job? (Your attitude to work)

What kind of attitude will you bring to work?  Meanwhile, organizations and companies do not want people that will give them issues and so they might test you to know what kind of attitude you give off.

i.e: intentionally giving you a nasty comment, offering you food after keeping you for long, intentionally keeping for long, and canceling the interview. Intentionally and deliberately postponing the interview.

These are all that they can do to test your attitude.

Remember, they won’t ask you orally.

3. Do you fit into our organization

This is part of the job questions, you are to expect in the interview. Every organization has its culture and value system. Can you fit into it? 

i.e; a media company wants people that are sociable and can talk to people. A tech company may want people that are nerdy (indoors/ introvert). So your personality has to fit into what the organization wants.

Job Interview Questions-EXTRA TIPS 

Well, here are some of the things you still need to look into during a job interview.

1.  structure your answer properly. Talk boldly and confidently but be yourself

2. Your CV is not a backlog of your work history or experience. your CV should give a detailed achievement of what you achieved in your role. 

3. when going for an interview, take at least, 3 copies of your CV in case of multiple interviewers

4. take some light snacks that you can discreetly eat.

5. Assume that the employer never saw your CV. Defend your skills and experience. Talk like you owned it!

6. Village people should not remind you to dress well

Point to Note: Employers don’t ask direct questions. They ask scenario-based questions and expect the same answer from you. 

This method is called the S.T.A.R method. There is no interview question that the answer is YES or NO.

S…SITUATION (Tell them a situation you found yourself)




Well, you are always free to ask questions for more clarification, using the comment section.

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