Pictures of Lagos State NYSC Camp

Lagos State NYSC Camp

Lagos State NYSC Camp: Following the first stage of the NYSC service year. Prospective corps members are expected to participate in the very first stage of the NYSC Exercise which is the NYSC orientation camp. Meanwhile, this camp exercise is slated for three(3) weeks. However, the NYSC orientation camp is situated in all 37 states of Nigeria. Having a permanent camp residence in these 37 states with the ability to occupy a good range of corps members for the exercise. 

Among all NYSC Orientation Camp center is the Lagos State NYSC Camp. Meanwhile, due to numerous opportunities that the state offers. Coupled with proximity for those around south-south and the lucrative nature of the state. With this consideration, a lot of prospective corps members will prefer choosing Lagos State as their state of deployment. While others will also choose the option of redeploying to Lagos State.

However, for Prospective corps members whose state of deployment is Lagos State. Also, wish to have a perfect picture of how the NYSC orientation camp center situated in Lagos State look like. Well, we have some important places view on how the Lagos State NYSC Camp looks like. 

Pictures of Lagos State NYSC Camp

Pictures of Lagos State NYSC Camp
Pictures of Lagos State NYSC Camp
Mami market
Pictures of Lagos State NYSC Camp
Volleyball court
Pictures of Lagos State NYSC Camp
Hostel Room

The power supply in the Camp Center is to some extend serviceable. Meanwhile, there’s a standby generator just Incase. Corps members finds their feeding system satisfactory with steady water supply. Well, the Camp Center can accommodate a reasonable number of Corps Member.

Meanwhile, it’s expected that prospective corps members know that during the three(3) camp orientation. No Corps members are expected to leave the camp center. However, Corps members are allow to welcome visitors only on Sundays but within a specific period of time.

I urge that you participate in the NYSC Service Year, in line with the NYSC motto which is “Service and Humility”. So, I sincerely hope you participate with optima behavior throughout the NYSC SERVICE YEAR. 

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I will suggest you check out our NYSC ARCHIVE to get more information about NYSC. Remember that information is key and it’s vital. Remain blessed!!!

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