NYSC Camp Resumption of the Suspended 2020 Batch ‘A’

NYSC Camp Resumption

NYSC Camp Resumption: As of 23rd of June 2020, The NYSC Director-General Y. S. Ehoda-Adi, made a statement as regards the preparations for the resumption of the NYSC orientation course. Meanwhile, Pursuant to the resumption of the suspended 2020 Batch ‘A’, Stream Orientation Course on the basis of anticipated lifting of the restrictions by the Federal Government, occasioned by COVID-19 pandemic; Management has adopted strategies to be implemented at the camps for the smooth conduct of the orientation exercises. However, these strategies have been reviewed by the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) are outlined as follows. 


i. Decontamination of habitable areas in camp, in addition to strict observance of physical distancing, regular handwashing, avoidance of face touching, sensitizing all members of the camp community on cough etiquette (hygiene), and enforcement of the use of face mask. 

ii. Re-arrangement of beds for corps members to allow for two-meter spacing as provided for in the COVID-19 safety protocol. 

iii. Temperature testing at the point of entry to the camps for corps members, and all other members of the camp community. Trained personnel to be engaged on this score.

iv. States using schools as temporary orientation camps should start liaising with their respective State Governments immediately, as such schools would be eager to resume after the lifting of the restrictions.

v. Camp Market operators should be sensitized on COVID-19 protocols, and their number scaled down to allow for physical distancing.

vi. Call-up letters of prospective corps members shall include all protocols on COVID-19 Prevention.

vii. Reduction in the number of corps participants during each orientation exercise to free-up space and make for physical distancing. 

viii. Period of registration to be extended to effectively manage the crowd. Moreover, this is to ensure that there are no large gatherings during the registration period.

ix. Key camp officials are to be trained by NCDC on Infection Prevention and Control (IPC), who will in turn step down the training to other camp officials and corps members.

x. Resident Consultants from Federal Tertiary Health Institutions are to train Corps Medical Personnel on the management of suspected cases of COVID-19 on Camp. 


  • i. Restriction of movement during the orientation course, excepting only very essential personnel.
  • ii. Compulsory use of face masks by all orientation course participants.
  • iii. Introduction of e-learning for some lectures in the camp; the number of lectures to be scaled down to accommodate only very essential ones. Other lectures to be held virtually. 
  • iv. Hand Washing Stands and hand sanitizers must be made available at various points in camp.
  • v. There must be strict adherence to social distancing in all camp activities. Meanwhile, a committee comprising NYSC officials, representatives of collaborating agencies in camp, and corps members should be constituted, to monitor compliance with COVID-19 Safety protocols. 
  • vi. Many service points should be created for activities, where corps members are expected to queue up e.g Registration issuance of kits, Collection of meals, Payment of allowance, etc. 

Accordingly, State/FCT Coordinators are requested to strengthen camp preparations for safe orientation exercises. Therefore, there must be an effectual liaison with the relevant agencies in the States/FCT to ensure adherence to the implementation of the strategies. Again, Area Directors are to monitor and report on the level of compliance with the strategies, please. 

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