Happiness has been described as a feeling of satisfaction, contentment, pleasure, cheerfulness, that bust of joy and fulfillment. Happiness has been a long-pending thought in the minds of many throughout time. Some say it is that feeling when you think everything in your life is exactly as it should be.

      Over the years I’ve heard people say they want to be happy. They say “I’m searching for what will bring me joy, peace, and happiness”.

      I have come to realize that every individual has their own definition of happiness. What happiness is to them, how it makes them feel, what makes them happy differs between individuals.

     Although some find it hard to pinpoint the source of their happiness, some know and have exactly what they derive their joy from. Others still search for a source of happiness or a reason to be happy, a lot of people are constantly entwined in the illusion of happiness or the pursuit of it.

      Some people derive joy from the little things around them. The little things others see as normal like reading, music, and just doing their jobs or what they love to do.

      Some feel that fulfilling joy from the happiness of those around them and the people they love and cherish the most. They can derive this by providing for them, caring for them, or just simply spending time with them. Seeing them smile or laugh and full of life.

      Some others do not see their happiness being tied to another human but rather find solace in the luxuries of life. Money, a major thing on the minds and lips of the majority. Many believe that this is their source of joy. A lot of them strive to achieve it and some succeed. To them without money, they can never be happy until they can afford the better things life has to offer.

      For some it’s just enough money to stay alive and afford the basic necessities of life, to stay clear of the jaws of hunger and poverty. To achieve goals they had previously set for themselves and be where they had always imagined they will be is what some people want.

 Some see it as having ‘peace of mind’, no worries and troubles. The aforementioned I’ll say is near impossible in the real reality of life. For life always throws something at us, minor or major, even suddenly and unexpected. For these people happiness could possibly be an illusion.

Some look for happiness in love. To find people they genuinely love and who loves them back will bring them the greatest joy.

Some look for happiness in their religion, in prayers to the God they believe in. To some it can also be passing an exam, relocating to the place they have always dreamed of. Recovering from an illness or a loved one recovering and a lot of other reasons.

Freedom (not being enslaved by anything that could possibly hold you down) is one way a friend once described happiness. Also gratitude (a strong feeling of appreciation for the big and small things in life), and a sense of wonder.

I once asked a man what will bring him the most joy or fulfillment and he said the day he ranked among the richest in the world. For him money will be his source of happiness, for another, it might just be having a good meal to eat. Another’s source can be that they hold their child in their arms.


    My point is everyone has one thing or another they search for that they believe will make them happy and it just might.  But at the end of the day, most might never find what they seek, making happiness an illusion for them.

     I say happiness is not in the things we seek but in the things we have now. In those moments when all our worries and doubts flee even if it’s just for a second. At that moment when you smile or laugh genuinely.

     When in the company of family or friends, that moment all your worries slipway. When you see your pet after a long day of work or when you hold your child to your heart or when you see your lover’s smile. Happiness is what you choose for it to be and how you view your life. I say HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE.

     Our lack of appreciation for those little things, little moments of joy, and wonder. That glimpse of happiness that life has allowed us, is the most important thing.

      We have to understand that there are both moments of joy and sadness in life. None of which is permanent but it is our choice which moment we decide to dwell on, which moment remains fresh in our memories. We can’t always find happiness but we can choose to be happy. Forgive yourself and others, let the dark days be the dark background that makes our happy painting brighter. When troubling days come, take comfort in the memories of better times, and never forget being happy is your choice.


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