How to Build Self Confidence

How to Build Self Confidence


Self-confidence is a state of the mind, usually governed by mental principles and laws of nature. Basically built on your thoughts and feelings. 

Your way of life, what you do or becomes, is a reflection of your mind. A man can’t live beyond is thinking because your outer world is a sum reflection of your inner world. 

The ability for you to build your self-confidence is factored on you. For one can’t be confident about the unknown, for the unknown can be responsible for your stunt growth. However, self-confidence is built on learning, learning the principle which governs nature. 

Your level of understanding in a particular field, create your confidence ground on that field. Therefore, your level of self-confidence is directly tied to how effective you feel you are in achieving a particular goal. 

Your thoughts and feelings are a paramount necessity for your self-confidence. According to the law of causality, brought forth by Aristotle in 350BC. It was stated that there’s a reason for everything that happened. A corollary of cause and effect, for anything you sow you reap. 

If you sow positive and optimistic thinking about your self, you definitely going to reap positive and optimistic events in your life. You can’t experience otherwise. Therefore, you can build your self-confidence by positive and optimistic thoughts about yourself, rather than letting your weakness to encompasses you. Meanwhile, your weakness is something you build on not live on. 

Part of the principal law that governs nature, you will understand that what you habitually think about eventually becomes a part of your character, personality, and way of life. Now, the question is “ what do you think about yourself?” Positive or negative has a way of reflecting you. 

Build Self Confidence

Your thoughts reflect your reality because you are where you are because of your thoughts. What are you thinking about yourself?. Moreover, since our mind isn’t a vacuum, meaning it can’t be empty, it has to be filled with thoughts, whether positive or negative, all play roles in our self-confidence. 

Picture your mind as a fertile garden, where either weeds or flowers grow. It’s now left for the farmer which is you, to determine if he would allow weeds(negative thoughts) or flowers(positive thoughts) to grow. From the law of correspondence, your life is from the inside out. Your outer world is the sum reflection of your inner world. 

Meanwhile, anything you dwell continually grows in your reality, and your true value is based on your actions. These all have to do with our mind and invariably, our self-confidence is built on it.

Well, self-confidence isn’t just about positive feelings, positive thinking or hoping positively rather it’s more of positive knowing based on continuity in proven to yourself over and over again that you definitely have what it takes, what’s required to pursue your goal, your happiness, and want. 

An unwritten goal is one only a wish. Meanwhile, goals can be more than one, and selecting your values and then putting them in order of importance actually creates for you, a mental and emotional structure. This eventually enables you to make better choices and decisions in every area of your life, thereby building up your self-confidence from an organized point of view. 

Principles and Laws

Hence, your pattern of achieving your goals is effectively tied to your level of self-confidence. Nevertheless, it brings happiness because it has a way of dominating your emotions. We are pleased with ourselves, having accomplished something or knowing that we got what it takes to acquire or get something done. 

Your success and happiness are inevitably proportionate to the degree to which you confirm your thinking to. For the powerful force of nature are your thoughts(mind), and they are both creative and causative. 

Meanwhile, our universe is governed by principles and laws and we are conformed to these laws. From the law of indirect effort, which made it pellucid that you can get something from doing another. 

Taking happiness for instance, when we try going for happiness, we might be deluded by it. But let’s say, you get yourself involved in doing something tasking or trying to achieve a particular goal. If you begin to make progress in the direction or at the end, you were able to accomplish it, you will find yourself happy, thereby bringing happiness to yourself. 

However, the law of indirect effort is a subject of self-confidence as the illustration given regarding getting happiness. Meanwhile, learning the process of something helps to increase the level of self-confidence. Success can be obtained either by knowing the process or cutting corners. Well, the good thing of learning the process of success, is that, for any reason, you can trace back through the process and reproduce success again but this can’t be possible when you cut corners.

However, our human quality is subjected to our level of formation in how we develop our self-confidence. Once you have persisted through bigger adversities, you’re always capable of persisting through smaller ones. 

Keys to developing self-confidence

No crime in thinking positive about yourself, those attributes you hope to find in you. Saying to yourself I’m confident, help you build your self-confidence. Therefore, you can develop courage, integrity, compassion, and self-confidence from being optimistic about it. However, the keys to developing self-confidence are Self-mastery, Self-control, and Self-discipline. 

You don’t expect different results just by doing the same thing over and over again. This was how Albert Einstein defined insanity as. We shouldn’t build our self-confidence on spurious mindsets it’s considered as self-delusion. Knowing that the need for absolute integrity is being honest with yourself and also the people around you. For the thought held in one’s mind, produce after his kind. 

Nevertheless, your true value can only be expressed by your actions. So, in as much you are optimistic about these things, it’s paramount you put yourself to work. Meanwhile, whenever you subject yourself to these keys, especially under stress, you inevitably create your resistance to your natural proclivities. 

Your personality is mainly crystallized based on your physical actions and behaviors, which has a fine connection with your mindset. This can either build or tarnish your level of self-confidence. Well, in conclusion, I will say that the most important way of building your self-confidence, is positively building your mindset and acting towards it. 

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