How you should Feel about Yourself-Feelings



People see feelings differently, they feel differently. However, people also get hurt, they feel love, they feel hate, they feel confused, alone. Now the question is What do you feel?

Nobody ever asks that question

You should ask yourself

What do I feel?

How do I want to feel?

People say you get hurt when you let it happen

But let’s face it

We have people who we let close, who we give the opportunity to hurt us.

And when they do it HURTS

We let them in so much so we feel safe, we feel like they get us.

They don’t.

Is there a way to shield ourselves from hurt?

No, it’s part of existence.

We love.

We want to be loved.

Is there really anyone in the world that can give us the love we want?

We should start by loving ourselves

A lot of us think we’re not beautiful enough, we’re not smart enough, we don’t have the perfect body, we’re inferior.

We aren’t.

There’s no one in the world as perfect as you are.

There’s no one that could be better at being you than you.

I won’t tell you how not to get hurt or how to love yourself. The only person for that job is YOU!. 

About You

You know yourself better than anyone can and anyone ever will. You know how it hurts when people see only your flaws when there’s so much more

You know how it hurts when they say things you thought they knew you too well to.

You know how it hurts to get your heartbroken by the people you trusted would never let it break, people you thought would protect it and stand by you. No matter how much you looked at yourself you thought they saw you better.

You can’t stop loving, trusting and getting hurt because you’re just human and humans are made up of crazy emotions.


DON’T EVER DOUBT YOURSELF: You can do anything you put your mind to. You’re amazing

DON’T LET IRRELEVANT PEOPLE GET TO YOU: You know they are irrelevant when they’ve hurt you to realization or have shown signs of it.

LET GO: The most important thing is to let go. You know why? Because they don’t know a thing about you and don’t deserve to. You know who you really are and they don’t, so why should what they do or say affect you?

You deserve better than to care about people that couldn’t care less.

You deserve better than to love people that don’t love you

You deserve better than to beg for attention and love because you’re rare and rare things don’t beg to be noticed, they are fought for.

You deserve better, so much better than getting depressed over people who should be crawling to just get a chance to speak to you but they aren’t because not everyone is smart enough to recognize the value.



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