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Decentralized Network

The digital segment as regards liquid currency, popularly known as cryptocurrency, is growing rapidly with more persons utilizing it as a medium of exchange and investment. Meanwhile, a lot of theses cryptocurrencies are decentralized networks, typically based on blockchain technology, resulting in better security and safety on individual personal possession of this virtual currency. However, the first virtual(liquid) currency as bitcoin, this happens to be the first decentralized cryptocurrency and it was launched in January 2009. Meanwhile, since the genesis of the first decentralized cryptocurrency, more and more cryptocurrencies have been brought into the picture. 

Now, with this rapid growth of this decentralized technology, resulting in numerous cryptocurrencies already in the market and even more hoping to venture on this course. Thereby, creating a wide range of decision for users to determine which to hold or invest. Well, naturally, when a man got so many options, he becomes confused. Meanwhile, the perplexity in this can be resolved with CoinGecko. Now, the question “what is CoinGecko”, “Who are they” and many others. Well, just sit, read through, and relax as I bring to you CoinGecko.


Earlier mentioned as regards the perplexity that arose with more cryptocurrencies being present in the market, as to which altcoin to hold or invest (a virtual currency, alternative to bitcoin, that is, anyone can duplicate it, make a few changes and give it a new name, producing a new coin). Meanwhile, CoinGecko, being aware of this difficulty in making this decision, thereby proffering a fundamental and compressive analysis of this crypto market. Also, to evaluate the potential of alternative cryptocurrencies and this is achieved based on public data. These data are what CoinGecko collects to help them evaluate various altcoins against a fair benchmark.

Moreover, every coin has a value and you will agree with me that, at the first awareness of a coin, the first curiosity is “what is the coin worth”. We tend to know this worth and then make a comparison with other coins, to help enhance our decision as to which coin to hold or invest. Ideally, there is no proper qualification, to qualify every coin’s worth. Although, a lot of persons use market capitalization to valuate these coins, how accurate is it?

CoinGecko serves this better, as earlier said, they offer a fundamental and compressive analysis of this crypto market. Creating a more accurate way of tracking price, volume, and market capitalization. Meanwhile, CoinGecko accuracies are based on their smooth tracking on open-source code development, community growth, Major event, and on-chain metrics. 


CoinGecko comprehensively helps participants in understanding the fundamental mechanism for which the crypto market is built on. Well, you will concur with me that, everything has an origin and CoinGecko has been operating since early 2014. Currently speaking, according to the quarterly report from cryptocurrency data-aggregators, CoinGecko happens to be one of the largest and still growing crypto data aggregators. This makes CoinGecko outstanding among others. Again, coupled with its awesome achievements, CoinGecko has tracked about 7697 tokens and these tokens were recorded from more than 430 cryptocurrency exchange, with over 100 million page-views( a view on a page on a site that is being tracked by the analytics tracking code) in more than 100 countries(Fascinating right!).

Meanwhile, this cryptocurrency evaluation is achieved through various methods, this includes the market capitalization. The Market Capitalization involves the price of the coin multiplied with its current supply. Typically, you will agree with me that the difference in coins still applies to their prices also, and the success of a coin is directly proportional to its prices. This proportion implies that a successful coin will have a higher price and vice versa. 

Although, market capitalization is easy to evaluate coins but isn’t enough base to determine the success of a coin. Resulting in more ways adopted by CoinGecko to evaluate cryptocurrencies. CoinGecko also uses Coin Metrics to determine this evaluation. 


The methodology to which this awesomeness is laid on includes the following:

  • Trust Score
  • Crypto Exchanges(Spot)
  • Crypto Exchanges(Derivatives)

Meanwhile, CoinGecko uses a fair and flexible yet accurate metric to helps evaluate these coins. CoinGecko Metric comprises of the following:

  • Price
  • Trading Volume- Major Exchange Liquidity( a successful coin should have high liquidity, which is the ability to get in and out the market)
  • Outlier Detection
  • Available Supply
  • Public Interest-Popularity(Search Result, Alexa Rank)
  • Market Capitalization 
  • All-Time High (ATH)
  • Developer and Community Stats-( Reddit, Facebook, Twitter) 

CoinGecko is very accessible, having different communities and coin traders communicating them(through emails) as regards their new coins to be added to their list. Meanwhile, every few weeks, about five(5) to ten(10) new coins are being added to CoinGecko.

CoinGecko Research 

CoinGecko has a pushing hunger for growth, in that, they engage in wide cryptocurrency research to help define future financial stability through cryptocurrency and blockchain. Also to build a solid ground in other to comprehensively scale cryptocurrency market data. Meanwhile, the enhancement of this research has collaborated with various prestigious universities, which includes:

  • The Humboldt University of Berlin.
  • Western University Canada- University in London, Ontario.

Having to gain full support from the Malaysian government agency, Their research has been made available on various research book and these research books for which you can find their research work includes:

  • Handbook of Digital Currency
  • Handbook of Blockchain, Digital Finance, and Inclusion.

CoinGecko, as a global leader in tracking cryptocurrency data, also offers various full-time job opportunities and internships for interested applicants, in line with the development of the system objectives.

CoinGecko Team

The world’s leading cryptocurrency data aggregator(CoinGecko) is operated by young vibrate individuals, who took it upon themselves to ensure all set objectives are being obtained. Meanwhile, this outstanding team members include:

  • TM Lee – Co-Founder 
  • Bobby Ong – Co-Founder
  • Aimann Faiz – Business Development Manager 
  • ack Wong – Engineering Manager
  • Darren Lau –Market Research Analyst
  • Darly Lau –  Market Research Analyst
  • Sze Jin – Market Research Analyst
  • Kristian Kho – Market Research Analyst
  • Erina Azmi – Market Research Analyst
  • Elvis Lu – Software Engineer
  • Wenjie Yek – Software Engineer
  • Johnson Lai – Software Engineer
  • Chee Youg Chan – UI/UX Designer 
  • Jolene Tan – Digital Marketing Executive 

CoinGecko Mobile

This system had been accessible, through their free powerful and comprehensive mobile CoinGecko’s crypto App. This App offers users with real-time tracking of crypto prices. It also offers unrestricted market data for over 6000+ cryptocurrencies, offers room for users to read trending news on cryptocurrency, the ability for users to set a price alert, create your favorite list on coins and more. 

 Mobile Apps: 

Meanwhile, thanks to the CoinGecko team, they have made this application available for both Android and iPhone users. You can either visit your google PlayStore or iPhone App Store to get yours on your phone or follow the link provided below. 

You can also get access to their social media page with the link below.





Meanwhile, thanks for coming around and for those who ain’t aware of the ongoing contest that prompted my research about CoinGecko as a room for my participation. You can click here to check out the contest and you too can participate also. It’s expected you know that the contest lasts till Tuesday 28th of July 2020.

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