Broken Heart Messages for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Broken Heart Messages for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

It wasn’t what we planned but how can we express our feelings when it happens. Everyone has been hurt in their whole world but how do we express it in the terms that others will comprehend? We make plans for a fun-filled world, but life tends to offer the opposite just because we got people with self-interest in it. The heart suffers from it, how can we express our emotional pain, it hurts. Should we leave with it or what? We get hurt by the people who claim they loved us, are we the cause of all these or what? Yes, we are sorry if we are but how do we express ourselves when we aren’t the cause of all these. Well, check out these words that can help express your broken heart in messages: 

Pretty lies 
You said please
I said sorry
You said I'd never leave
I said never?
You said ever
You lied. 
I died. 
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I know it's crazy
But I lived without you. 
You filled my heart with love
I was bursting open
You looked like a dove
Until you left me broken. 
I'm teary-eyed
Bloody heart
Your hands open wide
Just to cast me out. 
You said together
We'll be better
You said stay
We'll be stronger
We grew apart the harder we tried weak with every fight
I fought to believe your lies. 
'Give me your heart
I won't let it go
I'd just crush it and let the aches flow'
That's what it sounds like when you ask for a chance
and get a 'no'
Gifts make me giddy
You made me needy

When I'm with you the world doesn't stop moving
It's like I'm not even conscious to the fact that there's a world we're bounded by
Because in that moment nothing else ever existed
But us. 
I died a thousand times when you left
Left me drowning
Drowning in sadness and hurt
Hurt by the memories
Memories I wanted gone
Gone, along with my heart you never returned
I'll just lie here 
And pretend I'm hugging you
While I hug the air 
You breath it anyway don't you? 
I was wrong
I didn't need you to stay
I was weak
I only needed to pray
I was petty
None of it was real.
I let my imagination run wild
Maybe then I'll have you and never let go
Because well it's only happening in my mind.
The dark clown came again
He wanted to say hi
You weren't in, to his disdain 
I told him you said bye. 
Ocean eyes
Filled with tears to spill
And emotions to feel.

Broken Heart Messages(White And Black)

My mum left in the morning
I remember she kissed me goodnight
I woke up, dad said we were mourning
I remember what I saw in his eyes, the fright
Do I hate her?
Do dogs bite? 
I would with every fiber,
Everyday insight. 
I guess I grew up to be sad
I guess my life doesn't deserve a Nobe
l Peace prizeI guess my dad deserved what he got
But what about me?
I was only a young lad.
Shut your eyes
Say 'I love you'
That's all I need you to do
Maybe this time you'll mean it
And when you open your eyes I'll see it
The last time you tried
I cried
I knew it already
You're terrible at faking. 
You fake a smile pretty well
All that to cover your ugly bear
You stand in front of me
I see right through you
Right through all the make up 
Right through the mask
I see your fears, they're clear
I hear your thoughts, they're rare
You're no monster
You're my fierce stare
I murdered yesterday
I think I struck his rib first
I didn't stop
I couldn't
I remember it not so well today
I could forget all but how it felt
How it feels
It feels good to rip someone apart
It feels good not being the weak one beaten by a bat
I let you go
I hoped you'd return
You didn't
You're not mine then
But I'll always be yours 
Even though it's obvious you don't want me anymore
I'm broken
I don't want someone to put me back together
I need someone to hold me and tell me it's okay to be broken
'I'll love you regardless
'It's never happening
I heard after pain the morning will come
Or it was something like that
You have some nerve coming back into my life, I'm not dumb
At least not like that
You can shove your feelings down your throat 'my Lord'
I wouldn't care about that
My heart still bleeds, the effect of the bomb
This time I'm smart, smarter than that
You broke me 
There's no piece whole enough to be broken now, you should know that.
I loved you once
I loved hard
I don't want that to happen twice
You loved bad
I thought you just liked the spice
I must have been mad
My heart was your dice
I pretended I wasn't sad
Damn! It was obvious
It's like it made you glad
Why was the man I loved fierce?
You said I was hideous
I think I was more of blind
I'm glad I saw the light
Behind all the darkness I felt
I'm happy I ran out of plight
I'm glad I stood up to fight
You were toxic and your grip was tight
But I cut loose and I'm never beholding that sight.
All these mushy stuff make me sick
Maybe because of how I can't take the risk
Or maybe it's not worth my tick
I wished I had you
Until I did
Now you confuse me
My pain
Your gain
I'm breaking
You're mending
How do you sleep at night
With all the abuse and the fight?
Life is short
Shorter with every passing minute
Shorter with every meaningless thought
Shorter with every moment wasted to cry
Shorter with every tactless word
With every erased fear
Without your daring smile
With wasted effort and strength
You're not there anymore
I wanted to fix you 
But broken doesn't fix broken
You said you loved me
Was it true or false?
You said you needed me
Then you said it was forced
You promised me
I remember you, just like I remember my name

Broken Heart Messages(SELF HATE)

This pain I feel that never goes away
It's like I've been scarred but I don't remember when
It's like my heart has been shattered into many pieces and anytime it starts to heal it 
Shatters again 
And I don't see who holds the weapon
This knot in my throat
These accusing eyes that point my flaws out
Even the ones no one else sees
My mind
Why the hate?
I'm not like the rest
People say this in a good way to the ones they love but I mean it in the worse possible way
How can someone feel this much self hate? 
How did I become this person I see when I look in the mirror 
When I remember the things I did and the words I said?
How did I become me?


I'm weak
I'm defenseless
I don't know how it feels to be wanted
I don't know how it feels to be loved
All I know is pain and rejection
All I know is sadness and dejection
All my life I've had no one but myself
I've had no one to call friend
I've had no one to share my burdens with
And no to tell me not to quit
To be honest it'll drown anyone who comes close
It's fine if I'm alone and lachrymose


I fell in love with someone
I thought that was it 
I was finally happy
And like every love story, it ended
I thought I was living a fairy tale
But like every movie, it ended
So thank you to my once ride or die
I don't believe in love anymore. 
You stole from me
I want it back
You don't take care of it
Don't you know I'm aware?
Don't you think it's unfair? 
I hate myself for loving you
I'd hate you too if I could
But you'll have to return my heart first
So until then
Don't let it break further
It'll need repairs when you're gone.

Despite the emotional pain that someone might have caused you, which can either be intentional or not. It’s important you know that these things are what makes life the way it is. It could be something you ‘ll live with in life, but it’s advisable not to allow it to take away your happiness. Nothing has the right to, you can decide to be happy or not. Meanwhile, happiness is one of the necessities of life. Don’t allow anyone or any sad event to determine your life or fate. You should understand that things of such happens to everyone, but in a different way. 

It’s best to learn from it and move with the train of life, rather than allowing it to cause stagnation for you. Allowing it affects you can invariably affect others too. There’s always a sad or memorable moment of life that will hurt us deeply, but be strong and move on. Remember that the key is to be happy no matter what. Well, I can’t really dispute the pain but you just need to try! 

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