Best way to understand and deal with People

Best way to understand people

Do you want to know what I think about people?

It’s so much better to be on your own than deal with people. No one will irritate you, No one will say things that get you annoyed or act self righteously. People are hypocrites, it’s probably nature and it probably happens without them realizing but even if they do, they’re too self-righteous and glorified to take fault. 

I just think people should look for fault in themselves too not just others. I’m not excluding myself. I’m a person, I think a lot of persons feel entitled. In reality, nobody owes you anything. Nobody owes you an apology, nobody owes you an explanation, nobody owes you an expression of their feelings and nobody owes you.

Except they really owe you(money😉).

I don’t like people sometimes, I prefer being by myself but this is just what I think, I’m just one of the billions of people and I could be wrong.


A lot of persons may classify differently but I’ll go with these

  • 1.  The outspoken kind

        I admire this kind of persons, they say everything they feel, maybe not everything. I think they say things that make some persons think they’re strong and get scared to hurt them. They may not be as tough as they portray. A lot of persons hurt in secret.

  • 2. The mediocre/indifferent

           I think I fall into this category. These kinds of persons aren’t really concerned about what happens. They could keep to themselves but sometimes need to be around humans to drive away from the darkness.

  • 3. Anti_social 

         This category of humans does not associate with people. They are the kind of humans who have been left by other humans and probably do not have a family and think no one cares and they just stay on their own and wallow in self-pity, depression, and anxiety.

These are the people who need love the most. The love that a lot of us reject. I’m supposed to write how people think, but the truth is no one can explain that in just a paragraph or in a hundred books.

The Complexity of Humans

Humans are complex, I’m very intrigued by psychology. Humans think differently, some think the world owes them, others don’t. Some humans feel the need to belong, while others don’t.

Some feel numb and use everything to make them feel. Others feel too much they just want to stop, some humans have a lot of confidence, some struggle with self-esteem, some push away the people that love them because they’re scared of getting hurt. Some don’t have anybody to make them feel loved but themselves.

How to deal with people?

People are Diverse. I’m not the most social person (I’m not social at all). So, I’m not the best person to tell you how to handle people. Once again I’m going to tell you, people are diverse. What works for someone may not work for another person. You have to figure out how to handle the humans you’re surrounded by yourself. 

I think the only way to follow or blend with a certain crowd is by doing the things they do and being who they want you to be.

People won’t want you around anymore if you’re no longer helpful to them if you no longer contribute to their lives. That’s why it’s good to find your own crowd, humans you’re comfortable with. People you wouldn’t have to pretend around.

Well, some humans like their space and do not want to be intruded upon some like to be around people and to feel at the moment. It all boils down to the kind of persons you’re dealing with.

REMEMBER: You don’t need anybody else but yourself to make your life worth living.❤

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