The technological growth in the world today is going faster than ever imagined. Information, knowledge, and research have been helpful on this score. Hence, to get inclined with this growth, one needs to be subjected to this means of improvement which includes knowledge, academic information and News chained with academic growth. 

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Knowing what you want is one thing to think of, and means of getting it is another. hboiacademy.com brings academic information in a more comprehensive way and enhance everyone’s understanding regarding how things work, brief historical background and principle of their operation. 

Information rules the world, and as such hboiacademy.com will try effectively to bring to you the academics happenings, cutting across the globe. Our paramount aim here on hboiacademy.com is to get everyone informed. Information is free to get only when you have the right source for it. Indeed, the difference between the two persons is their level of attained information.

Here, we help do the research and bring our findings to your doorstep in a more comprehensive way. Making the internet access to our findings, although there is a lot of work on our bag packed and for this reason, hboiacademy.com welcomes everyone who deems it fit to help build our world. Writers, researchers, and readers are all welcome to hboicademy.com, for which compensation will be attached to your contribution. 

About the Author 

CEO: hboiacademy.com

Right before you is the founder of hboiacademy.com. OMOKARO HAPPY is my name, an Engineering graduate from a prestigious university, a research writer, a graphic 3D designer, and a dancer. You can check up my designs and dance video on Instagram @omohappyboi. The founding name of this website was coined out from my nickname, hboi ( Happy-Boi ), yes happy-boi is my nickname. One can predict my emotional state because I always allow my name to reflect on me. “Nothing worth taking your happiness”, so why not put up a smiling face. 

What I love 

I have asked my self this very question, what do I love. I found out that I love the things I do often without stress or anyone directing me to do. Yes, I love dancing, being dancing for years now and I happened to be a dance instructor in a popular dancing crew(darealz family). I love reading and sharing my findings. This earned me an award for the significant milestone achieved as the Best Male Tutor in the Faculty of Engineering. I spread my wings across all area that has to do with knowledge, making me outstanding. 


My love for education has made me a sapiosexual person. Making new friends is part of what I love because friends are vital to me. December 3rd is my birth date, so you may want to save the data. You can always contact me through my personal mail: [email protected].

Happy Omokaro