2021 Best Poem to Read about feelings

2021 Best Poem to Read about feelings

2021 Best Poem to Read about feelings

Words are part of the perfect tool to reflect one’s feelings, thoughts, and actions. A rhyme to speak, beautifully arranged to represent a lot. Sometimes, we get lost in our feelings, not knowing how to help out, yet we choose to accept it. Relax, get calm with the 2021 Best Poem to Read about feelings which were coined out by one of our finest writers “SOALA IBELEMA“. Trust me, you’ll love it!

DRUNK AT A BAR-2021 Best Poem

Some broken heart asking about a scar
Some subtle thing at a bar
Let’s order things we can’t drink
Let’s raise our voices at the littlest things
Like how we’re floating on burnt bridges at a bar where nothing matters but this
Let’s burn down the sun, let us be lighter than the sky
Let’s hold hands like it’s the only story that was ever told like it’s all we’ll ever know
Walk until time stops
Talk like we’ve known each other our whole lives
Like this is our whole life

We’re all we need our whole lives
We’ll say “bye” when people walk upside down
And after that, we’d write about a time we walked upside down on cloud 9 street and into a bar we had no idea what we could drink but our thoughts, on burnt bridges
A time we had voices to raise
A time you were my only sun and your laughter was my sky
We had hands that could mold anything into anything else, a time we only wrote stories with a sweet tooth and some ethanol
A time you made time stand still when you smiled. You were my silver lining
And this moment is my entire life
This moment is infinite
Stay until the bar closes, will you?



1. The church girl gets high again
After the day is done and there’s nothing else to distract her from the ache…
Not her mother’s loud voice reminding her of all the things she ‘forgot’ to do, nor her friends trying to dig her up from her dark place
Now there’s no one, there’s no other place but her dark place, so she crawls back in
“God forgive me”

2. After church she only remembers the woman who looked like she had been dragged there
She understood
She tells herself all she wants is someone who understands
Nobody did, not even her pastor
So she throws her bag to the side and slumps on the couch and for a moment she doubts that God is there, but it was just a moment
“God forgive me”

3. He said she could talk to him
He said he understands her, she thought he did.
He would sneak into her room at midnight, they would lie side by side and watch the smoke drift out her window
He mentioned ‘God’ in a sentence and suddenly she felt guilty
She should at least be trying
“God forgive me”

4. It’s Sunday again and her pastor asks how her week went
He asked if she was getting better
She could only offer a nod
They say God sees everything, did he see her pain too?, did he see her cry?
The pastor had warned against questioning God.
She bows her head for prayer
“God forgive me”

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I would hold my breath and count to ten, close my eyes and say your name
Hoping that somehow, the wind would carry the sound and whisper it in your ear
And somehow you’d recognize my voice and find your way back to me
It never happened

The night you left, I left the door unlocked
Maybe you didn’t mean “over” like “over”
Maybe you’d walk in while I was asleep at 3am in the morning and you’d kiss my head and lie next to me and I’d wake up to the smell of delicious pancakes.
That didn’t happen either

It’s been two months since you left and I still haven’t figured out how this goes
How I’m supposed to lie alone
I still wake up in the middle of the night to check if you’re on your side of the bed
It’s still your side of the bed
Sometimes, I take comfort in telling myself you’re just in the bathroom or you went to get some water to stay hydrated and I go back to sleep
You used to drink a lot of water
Do you now?

On nights I have nightmares and I wake up in a pool of my sweat or tears, probably both
I still reach out for you
But you’re not there anymore
I still don’t get it
In time I will
I have to because I started holding my breath longer than ten seconds
I started wishing I didn’t open my eyes at all, what’s there to see anyway?
And somehow, my voice doesn’t sound the same without you here
Would you recognize me calling your name?

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Their Opinion

Parents tell you what you should be
How you should be and they never ask
“What makes you happy?”
“What do you want?”
“Who are you?”
Because truthfully they don’t know shit
They think they’re always there but they’re never there when it really matters
And I think of all these as my dad talks to me about sin.
This time I don’t say amen
I don’t understand.

She Invades My Mind-2021 Best Poem

Yeah…. I’ve known pain for a while now
I’ve felt pain
I’ve touched the pain
I’ve tasted pain
I’ve seen pain stare back at me as I almost ask
Why she has chosen to follow me around
And no matter what I do to acquaint myself with people she pulls me back into her arms

She’s jealous and possessive
And I’ve learned to accept that she’s never leaving
But she hurts so much
She invades my mind
And twists my thoughts
And she’s there but no one else sees her around

It’s because of her I hate myself so much
And I try to act like I’m normal
I’m not
Feeling like this isn’t normal
Being me isn’t normal
She draws me to more of her
When I see those she has inflicted
I’m not surprised

I know
And like them, I can’t quite get rid of her
Maybe I don’t want to
She has this way of convincing me she’s the only one who’ll always be there for me
And she’s the reason I prefer being alone
But I’m scared of BEING ALONE.

So dear pain
Maybe you’ll fade away one day
Maybe you’ll stop being so controlling
But until then I’m not fighting you anymore.
Oh and you can tell that to your twin… Sadness.

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I ripped this smile right out of the face of my pain
I saw her first in my sleep
I cried this smile to reality

This smile
I’ve practiced it forever
I’ve worn it since my last life
And it was still on my face when I died
And this smile
This smile is the mask of the person people want to see
And this smile isn’t real
This smile is who I want to be

I’ve lived in your smile
And learned how to carve mine
This smile is a habit
This smile is plastered on my face
And engraved into the core of my being
There’s a different person behind this smile
She isn’t pretty, she’s alone

I picture her sitting in the darkness that surrounds her with her legs folded to her chest and her arms around them
I see her head down
I see her drown in herself
So, this smile…
This smile is someone else.

Do you wonder why I always wear it?
I stole this smile from your lips the first time we kissed
I knew you’d leave me someday so I never took it off
When you finally left
It was stuck
This smile reminds me of you.
I planted this smile in the broken pieces you left me

It bloomed into this glorious lie
And I don’t recognize my reflection
And it’s because of this smile
I killed this smile and got wounds
My wounds healed and the scars resurrected this smile
I’d like the girl inside to come out.
But this smile…

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