10 ways to handle confusion and distress

10 ways to handle confusion and distress

The word ‘Distress’ and ‘Confusion’ have a lot of meaning, from different perspectives but relative. 

Distress in most cases, is an unpleasant feeling, resulting in a state of not being comfortable or at ease. This could lead to sadness, anxiousness, depression, panic and a lot of unwanted states.

Confusion, on the other hand, is seen as the uncertainty in action. A state of not knowing the next step to take. This could be the outcome of being distressed. 

Both can be controlled, below are 10 best ways to handle confusion and distress. Explained in a more comprehensive way to understand.

10 ways to handle confusion and distress

1• Be Calm: This profoundly increases your chances of getting adequate solutions and drives away negativity in thoughts. This removes the fear that comes with confusion. A disturbed man is a disturbed mind. The brain is designed to work with psychological behaviors. Being calm, not only help the brain to function properly but also help other parts of our body system to function well.

2• Pray: This segment is subjective,  depending on your religion. This enhances your faith and belief that anything can be resolved through that which you lay your belief on. It builds your level of confidence, and reduce tension. It actually works on belief, although not everyone relates with this, for those that do, it works. 

3• Discuss with a friend: Lot of persons find this extremely difficult to do. I literally understand, but during such, it’s best you talk with the opposite sex. The reason being that, when a guy shares a problem with a fellow guy, there’s a probability that he might think you want financial assistance, rather than seeing the essence of that which you came for. 

It also reduces future mockers. Humans always find a way to ride on people’s failures. That’s for those that don’t believe in friendship, although this segment is relative. Above all, it’s necessary you confide in someone you trust the most.

Remember that a problem shared is a problem halved solved. It’s best you relate with the opposite sex, moreover from Physics, unlike charges attracts. This law can be integrated with most parts of nature. 

10 ways to handle confusion and distress

4• Sleep: During this kind of situation, the body system is disturbed. When this happens, the brain finds it difficult to function, and to profound solutions by limiting your thinking capacity. So when you sleep, it relaxes your body system. Reducing fear and placing your brain in an atmosphere to do its work.

5• Speak to yourself: This part is very paramount, and it works very effectively. What and who you think you are matters a lot. When you say or think you can’t, it finds a way to reflect on you and what you do. When you believe that nothing worth taking your happiness, it’s builds your confidence and mindset.

6• Understanding: During distress, it’s best to have a clear understanding of the cause. You can get this understanding by carrying out findings from some persons who have gone through such, and how they found their breakthrough. 

Most situations we find ourselves had someone on that track before. So understanding this will help to create chances of solutions.

7• Think of Achievement: Humans derive joy when they think of their past achievements. During distress or confusion, it’s important you find a way to bring joy into the equation. 

This doesn’t entirely take away the issue, but it acts as an impediment to negative thoughts. Thinking of one’s achievement promotes self-confidence and believe that you can overcome it. 

10 ways to handle confusion and distress

8• Mind Distraction: At this moment, the mind is subjected to the situation. Resulting in mental disturbances. It’s advisable you distract the mind from that which brings disturbances. 

This can be achieved by subjecting the mind with either listening to songs, watching movies or reading if you love doing any. Although most persons find this aspect difficult to do. But if you can, it will really help a long way in helping the situation.

9• Take a Walk: a lot of persons use this means to ease the mind, and subject themselves to a quiet atmosphere. Both playing songs and walking can be integrated together. A walk could lessen tension, placing the mind in a relaxed state.

10• Counseling: Having experienced personnel to talk you through that situation. Helping you see different ways to tackle it. Among others, it’s a way to relieve tension. Making you see reasons not to worry. 

Among all listed above, you should know that no situation lasts forever. So don’t build negative thoughts that can cause regrets. Remember Nothing worth taking your happiness.

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